Selection Criteria

The Trustees of The Naughton Foundation have established a Selection Panel for assessing all applications. Significant importance and preference will be given to those candidates who achieve the highest combined results in the Leaving Certificate in the Applicable Subjects (Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Agricultural Science, Technology and Design and Communication Graphics). However, the Selection Panel will also review and evaluate the merits and eligibility of candidates using several other criteria, including:

  1. the interest, ability and potential of the candidate to study their chosen field;
  2. the existence and severity of any disadvantages or barriers which may prevent or impede the candidate from their chosen field;
  3. the candidate's motivation, commitment and disposition to benefit from third-level education and to complete the course of study successfully; and
  4. the candidate's personal statements will bear on their likelihood of success.

The onus is on the candidate in completing the Application Form, particularly the personal statements, to demonstrate the degree to which he/she meets these criteria.