Award of Scholarship

Upon receipt of their Leaving Certificates, all candidates must submit their Leaving Certificate results and CAO offer by the deadline via the uplink on the Foundation's website Scholarships will then be awarded to successful candidates, subject to:

  1. Verification of Leaving Certificate results;
  2. Any necessary verification of information provided in the Application Form, including contact with any referees;
  3. An offer of a place and confirmation of registration on the relevant third level course. The latter consideration may result in an offer of a Scholarship being made on a conditional basis initially.

Any scholarships awarded will continue, at the same amount as awarded for the first year, for each of the succeeding two or three years of attendance, as applicable, subject to certification by the relevant third level institute of the candidate's satisfactory performance, including examinations, for each academic year. No scholarship amount will be paid for any academic year that is repeated. The exact conditions governing the scholarship will be outlined in detail to the successful candidates at the time the offer is made.